Free Speech Debate

On Free Speech #1On Free Speech #1: Deletion and Denialism
Our first monthly podcast features interviews with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger (pictured), author of Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age, and FSD team member Casey Selwyn on Aids denialism in South Africa. We also hear from Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales on SOPA and PIPA, the World Policy Institute’s Susan Benesch on dangerous speech, professor Yan Xuetong on universal values and former Formula One head Max Mosley on privacy.

On Free Speech #2On Free Speech #2: China, India & the art of “Zuckering”
Our second episode looks at free speech in India, internet censorship in China and Facebook’s attitude towards privacy. We chat with Professor Faisal Devji about author Salman Rushdie’s decision to pull out of the Jaipur Literature Festival following threats of violence and FSD team member Amy Qin about information blackouts in China. We also hear from Facebook’s head of public policy in Europe Lord Richard Allan, author of The Master Switch Tim Wu, and  former director general of the BBC Mark Thompson.

On Free Speech #3On Free Speech #3: The Fine art of activism
Our third episode features interviews with filmmaker Nick Sturdee on the Russian art collective Voina and stand-up comedian Tom Greeves on the UK’s parody laws. We also bring you discussions with Irshad Manji, the author of Allah, Liberty and Love, and Rebecca MacKinnon, the author of Consent of the Networked. We finish off with an exploration of whether hunger strikes are a legitimate form of free expression.

On Free Speech #4On Free Speech #4: The power of the web
The fourth episode looks at the ethics of hacktivism, crowdsourcing in war zones and the right of Christians in the UK to wear the cross at work. I speak with Lauren Wolfe about her new project Women Under Siege and  Jillian York, director of international freedom of expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. We also feature clips from former head of Al Jazeera Wadah Khanfar on how the Arab Spring transformed journalism and highlights from our ACTA event in London. 

On Free Speech #5On Free Speech #5: Sports special 
In the final episode of On Free Speech, we interview World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee on what happens when government and business get cozy online, The Facebook Effect author David Kirkpatrick on whether the company will make it into China, sports historian Martin Polley on branding the Olympics, and Danny Lynch from Kick it Out, a campaign against racism and homophobia in football.

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