The following audio selections aired on NPR affiliate KBIA and Discovery News Tech.

Moving across the country for a new job often involves finding a home, setting up shop and getting acclimated to an unfamiliar community. But for a new local imam, the trip from Daytona Beach to Central Missouri involved much more. KBIA: March 2008 (4mins 41secs)

In this final installment of a four-part series on shoplifting, I take you inside the minds of several former and still active shoplifters to learn what fuels their desire to steal. KBIA: May 2008 (6mins 46secs)

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park in Columbia, Missouri is home to one of the Cave State’s crown jewels: the Devil’s Icebox. Around 200 brave souls climb into canoes, dodge bats, crawl through tight passages, and wade in frigid chest-deep water each year to experience the cave’s natural beauty. Here I follow tour guide Kathy Christensen on a 10-hour voyage into the heart of Devil’s Icebox. KBIA: October 2009 (4mins 30secs)

Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize as President of the United States, but several Republican representatives in Missouri still questioned whether he was even eligible to become president in the first place. KBIA: October 2009 (4mins 31secs)

Republican State Representative Cynthia Davis earned national coverage for her controversial remarks about Missouri’s Summer Food Service Program, a program designed to subsidize school lunches for low-income children. She’s also known for her role in a lawsuit that questioned President Obama’s citizenship. Here I speak to Davis about family, faith and politics. KBIA: October 2009 (3mins 46secs)

Crowdsourcing—the act of outsourcing microtasks to anonymous Internet users—is revitalizing some of the world’s most impoverished communities. Discovery News Tech: January 2010 (5mins 39secs)

Tweeting in church. Facebooking in class. Texting in a public restroom. All of these activities are possible with a SmartPhone, but are they socially appropriate? What are the rules of SmartPhone etiquette? Discovery News Tech: January 2010 (6mins)